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    Train Number 17222 schedule and time table for LTT COA EXPRESS – Arrival and Departure in below table and PNR status S.N. Station Code Station Name Route Number Arrival Time Departure Time Halt Time(In minutes) Distance Day 1 LTT LOKMANYATILAK T 1 — 12:25 — 0 1 2 LNL LONAVALA 1 14:23 14:25 02:00 112 1 3 PUNE PUNE JN 1 15:30 15:35 05:00 176 1 4 SUR SOLAPUR JN 1 19:35 19:40 05:00 440 1 5 KLBG KALABURAGI 1 21:53 21:55 02:00 553 1 6 WADI WADI 1 22:35 22:40 05:00 589 1 7 TDU TANDUR 1 23:39 23:40 01:00 660 1 8 LPI LINGAMPALLI 1 00:54 00:55 01:00…

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    What is TWQL Means in irctc – Indian railway.

    TQWL means? You are here that means you want to know about TQWL means? I hope you have booked a ticket in tatkal quota and your ticket seat status showing as TQWL. I am right? What is TWQL Means  Well, before December 2016 you u may haven’t seen TQWL in Indian railway. After December 2016 CKWL changed to TQWL Tatkal Quota waiting list Why the ticket goes in the waiting list? What is the waiting list? I know you know about the waiting list and why waiting list generated by IRCTC. At the time of booking tickets IRCTC website online, you may have seen that after available seats reserved than…

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    How to check PNR status online in a minutes

    First of all, I want to tell you what is PNR. PNR means Passenger Name Record which is 10 digits’ number generated at the time of booking at the ticket counter or through IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) website. In this article, I will show you How to check PNR status online. How to check PNR status After you book your train ticket (CRIS) short form of Centre of Railway Information System store your PNR details for the next 9 months and after that, it will delete automatically What PNR number Store in. PNR number store you details like Name, Train number, train time, coach, Seat number and…